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Athletes, Dancers, and Martial Artists will learn how to share nurturing releases with their teammates and training partners for improved athletic performance, injury prevention, and better recovery.


As a therapeutic modality, Thai-Yoga Bodywork offers many benefits in social work settings, including contributions to autism, mental disorders, fertility, battered women, alcohol and drug treatments, rehabilitation for the prison system, and stress management for corporate, military, and public servants including police and medical professionals.

Vedic Thai Massage or Assisted Yoga Massage is a very satisfying and lucrative profession, and a great asset to the practice of any healing arts professional. The finest Spas and Healing Centers can inspire their staff with truly refreshing and exotic new techniques and philosophy.


Massage Therapists and healers in other modalities learn refreshing new techniques for addressing their clients’ challenges, and feel re-inspired in their own practice. Many massage therapists report that numerous clients will request Thai Bodywork regularly after receiving a sample session.

Yoga Teachers learn how to give deep, wonderful assists in class, and enhance their prosperity by offering their students private sessions.


Personal Trainers learn how to stretch their clients to improve flexibility and reduce post-workout soreness, as well as learning a second skill which can be offered on its own.

Vedic Thai Bodywork as a Profession