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21 Glorious Days In Thailand November 1-21,2018

Mukti Thailand Testimonial

The moment your feet touch the soil you feel the pulse of Thailand (Mother Siam), and you know you are somehow home. People demonstrate Metta (loving consciousness in action) in their daily lives and this permeates the culture. The culture demonstrates an intimate connectivity that is also a metaphor in Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork. The pranic flow is tangible and you can feel the country’s breath. Many people return from Thailand and change their lives and the way they practice.  Going to Thailand you learn more than  Thai Massage, though there is plenty of classroom time.


By receiving so much bodywork, (Ideally one can take at least one session daily), and being cradled by the mother of the work, you as a vehicle for giving are completely transformed. The training, the people, the food, the night markets, the temples, are all indescribable and any description pales in comparison. We have created a safe environment for you to study and enjoy the fruits of the mother.  It really is something one must experience to fully comprehend. The sheer beauty of the country is enough to make you want to never leave, and I could definitely live there as many westerners have chosen to do. It’s a love affair and you will yearn for her long after you return to your country of origin. We look forward to sharing Thailand with you. Swadee Kah'

Sudevi Thailand Testimonial

Ready for the Thailand Adventure ?


Join  the Vedic Conservatory's mystical study tour to Thailand!.

Let mother Siam open your heart and soothe your soul. Education in indigenous herbs! Learn how to make compresses and an herbal steam room! And of course, more Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork.

Are you a massage therapist? The VC includes 43 continuing education credits.

We refresh our souls in a culture of kindness and service.

Question ? Are you wanting to experience the exotic?

Deposits now being accepted. Secure your place on this exciting event. Contact VC Thailand Student Study Tour Host Sudevi with questions.

Charming Accomodations, Excursions, Transfers and Shuttles all included.

Temple Excursions

Traditional Thai Massage

Training (Vedic Flavor)

Cooking School

Elephants !!!

Ko Phangan Island Retreat!

$4800 cash (PayPal send Money as a friend)

$5,100 - Credit Card.

Includes intra country travel,

VC events, Delicious Organic

Breakfasts, Artsy Accommodations, Oceanside Island hotel!


$1,000 Deposit holds your spot! First come, first serve.


Final payment due October 1.

Mailing instructions:


Vedic Conservatory.

5001 Grande Dr. #222

Pensacola, Fl. 32504



(850)791-8259 for assistance.