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''The Mat Yoga Studio loved having David and Leah back for another Thai Yoga Valentine's partner workshop! The students really enjoyed giving and receiving, and they make it fun and easy to learn. David and Leah share their passion for Thai Yoga mixed with humor and kindness, and we look forward to having them back at the studio again!''

-Samantha Martin, Owner: The Mat Yoga Studio, Dallas, TX June 2017



"There is an elegance in his teaching; a kindness deeply rooted in the honor of this sacred healing art-form. He encourages both holding true to the ancient tradition and exploring creativity. For well over a decade, Mukti has shared these teachings at Gray Bear. I’ve been a part of, and witnessed, this journey first hand. The laughter, the tears, the professionalism, the integrity, the refined skill-sets learned by all attending and especially the life-affirming transformations which occur in his students; these are the true witnesses singing the praises of his gift for teaching. He shares from his heart. You will be pleased."

- Adam Schumaker, Co-Founder, Co-Director of Gray Bear Lodge Retreat Center


"Mukti's charming and humorous teaching style enwraps a dazzlingly deep wellspring of knowledge of eastern wisdom traditions and bodywork. A master of ceremony he presents this work as sacred, playful, artistry. Mukti's Vedic Thai coursework encompasses traditional thai techniques and their Vedic and Chinese corollaries, while simultaneously allowing for and encouraging improvisation and subtle exploration. In my practice I've found his teachings informing and inspiring, a gentle hand and voice in my mind guiding the transformative experience that can be the performance of thai massage. I am grateful for his tutelage, the community of bodyworkers that he has gathered, and his continued nurturing of the garden of healing that is Vedic Thai."

-Lucas Hoffman, LMT, YYT. Senior Thai-Therapist at Gray Bear


''We are so grateful for the teachings that Mukti offers our yoga teacher trainees. He teaches us how to individualize hands on assists so that each recipient is respectfully assisted according to their needs. His insights and meditations make for a well rounded training steeped in the richness of Vedic wisdom. His demeanor and joy of teaching create an environment of easy learning. He is always welcome at Heart Stream Yoga!''

-Donna Lanni Owner Director of Heart Stream Yoga


''Mutki Thai Yoga Vedic class is such a gift to my practise as a massage therapist and yogis. I've been able to apply technique with clients to get profound results. I also have opened up areas in my own body that traditional massage wasn't addressing.

Mukti is a gifted teacher & has a kindness &awareness with the body that is beyond words.''

-Amy Shine -Access Consciousness Facilitator



''Mukti's teachings and presence in the classroom create a sense of safety, playfulness, intelligence and magic. Integrating Vedic Thai massage into my bodywork and yoga practices over the past 10 years has surely helped my clients find a deeper sense of freedom and connection in their bodies. And, as the practitioner, I receive incredible benefit each time I practice this work and cultivate more and more connection between my heart and hands. I highly encourage this class for any and all yoga and bodywork practitioners.''

Lauren Higdon /Owner Director of Centered Yoga in Lexington, KY



"Mukti, there are teachers who teach well yet their techniques fall short. Then there are practitioners whose techniques are on yet their talents in teaching falls short.

I needed to find someone who possessed both technique and teaching. Thank you!"

-Barbara; Student


''I agree with Barbara. You are obviously deeply steeped in this practice, going back decades, yet you make the work so accessible to the complete beginner. Each class is so rich and full, but I also remember taking more of it into my practice the following week. It stays with you. As a matter of convenience, I have taken the same class, Thai on the Table, from you many times (along with some others) SAME class, but each time featuring different content. Your DVD series, combined with your class, is an astounding value and an incredible way to retain and reinforce the rich practice you share. Thank you.''

-Heavenly Michael; Student


''Thousands of body working enthusiasts have added the Vedic style to their massage techniques. Mukti, thank you for your dedication to our massage crafts. It’s refreshing to be able to offer treatments without lubricants sometimes. Your methods are easy to follow and so comprehensive. You are obviously in love with helping others and with massage."

- T.l.' Student


''Mukti Michael Buck first time in Ireland bringing Thai Yoga Vedic Massage to Cork with myself and Corinna Fisher. We had. beautiful space at the Yoga Loft in Cork and had amazing, talented people show up for class. Thanks for choosing this magic art, Robin O'Donovan Alexander Rey Helena Palmer Vesco Bondov Kathryn Shine Aoife Hayes who else was here, can you tag yourselves..... Thank you so much Amy Shine Corinna Fisher and all the beautiful beings for this amazing few days for this amazing art!!! i love it! so much gratitude for you Mukti Michael Buck!!! i am so looking firward to gifting and receiving this potent, life enhancing and life changing art. How dud we get so lucky? how does it get any better than this? Thank you all so much.''



''So much gratitude for this fabulous 3 day workshop in the healing art of Vedic Thai Massage! Thank you Mukti Michael Buck for transmitting the essence of this beautiful healing art with your unique blend of so much  ease, grace, love and reverence mixed with risqué humour! I found the workshop healing on many levels and the physical complaint I had at the beginning is so much better now. So much gratitude to you and to our hosts and organisers Corinna Fisher and Amy Shine for bringing Mukti to Cork. I feel a bit bowled over at the moment, integrating all the goodness. So much packed into just a few days. And such a sense of community among all the participants too! I am very much looking forward to practicing and sharing this healing art and learning more. Sitting at the moment in a deep place, taking stock of the long journey, the difficult paths, the ups and downs, the teachers and teachings that have brought me to this point. I am indeed blessed.  So much love to you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you . Absolutely Fabulous weekend ! Us Corkonians have been blessed :)

- Student



"Our Stork" today is immersed in the atmosphere of Vedic Thai Yoga Yoga massage. Seraphima, I thank you for your generosity and professionalism. Our future parents have learned some techniques of Vedic Thai massage, as applied to the state of pregnancy. No words so far. This must be experienced. Just ecstasy, filling and happiness!

Centre of Future Parents ‘Our Stork’ /

-Owner Natalia Kotlar - Moscow,Russia


''I received session of vedic thai yoga massage from Serafima Dharmadini and it was so great!! I felt very calm and relaxed. She has very good magical hands. I can recommend sessions and courses with Serafima to everyone. Thank you so much for the session!''

-Yugesh Nam Dev, India


''Thank you very much for dedication in a new experience for me and a world of sensations! Excellent methodical material and practice! For a long time I was looking for something that is adjacent to yoga, complementing and developing direction. Awesome experience! Wish you luck! Continue to carry and acquaint with such a meaningful, useful and profound knowledge that unites several eastern systems in a strikingly relevant way!''

-Helen Krulova, Moscow; Student



''Following the rule “you can talk about your own experience only”, I’d like to share my impressions.

A week before the workshop, November 29th, the beginning of working out the details and of restructuring – the inner devils of some people and drunky monkeys of the others apprehend the “purge” and start their crazy “dance”.

As for me, these things were expressed by strange humor, sarcasm, irony, nervous laughing and blurred mind. The acceptance and the tracking of these feelings, the acceptance of this condition and loving and understanding people as well saved me from making the mess of things.

We were learning the art, the confidence, we were practicing and reinforcing our connection – because the art of ViTaY that united us – made the Family of all us.

These meetings, this atmosphere make us live the feeling from Bible - “We are all sisters and brothers”.

During this time, we don’t work with our bodies and our movements only – Souls touch each other through Bodies, Ego disappears, fullness and purification happen.

ViTaY for me is the art of Life, the interaction and the awareness of being, it’s learning and accepting, pure love and happiness.

I'm grateful to every Person for his or her concern and un_concern for my path here.

I'm grateful for the possibility to practice this silent art, for the intuitive contact and for the support, Swami!

"Open the most vulnerable part of yourself because this trusting experience makes you stronger.."

-Veronika Savenok, Vladimir Russia; Student



''I just received my first full session Vedic Thai yoga massage from the inestimable Serafima. Wow. Amazing.''

—Jennifer McMullan , Delray Beach, Fl ‘17; Student

“I completed a level one course in Thai Bodywork in London. I was very impressed with your knowledge and enthusiasm of the art”

- P. Gospage, Essex England; Student


“When Michael Buck placed me on the mat for a treatment, I felt his total respect, commitment and connection just upon his presents in the room. This dedication and respect of the practitioner runs deep their soul and is a way of life.”

- Gloria Coppola, Ocean Cty., NJ; Student


“I was immediately put at ease with Michaels comfortable style and grace.It felt like we had known each other for a lifetime. Michael’s relaxed familiar attitude enabled the class to feel like good friends” - Claudia Erde, South Orange, NJ- Student


“Once more I want to thank you for your class. I am practicing almost every day and I feel great. I am practicing with others from your class in Vienna. We think of you often!”

- E. Spielauer, Vienna Austria; Student


“I feel like a different person. I am very fortunate to have attended your class. I learned how to better connect myself with my environment as well as boost my confidence. I will forever be touched by this life changing experience.”

- Victoria Jimeney, Boulder, CO; Student


“Thank you so much for the awesome workshop. I am still buzzing from the experience! I can’t get enough! I’ve already practiced on several people. Goodness knows, I have the desire to practice on anyone who holds still long enough for me to do so! ”

- J. Parker, Philadelphia, PA; Student


“You demonstrated with ease, clarity and mastery the meaning of this wonderful bodywork; and I left owning an inspiring message which was both physically beneficial and spiritually illuminating. Thank You!”

- Simon T., London England; Student


“I just wanted to thank you again for your course. My work is so much more satisfying and my clients are noticing the difference. I also feel as though other areas of my life have opened up.

- Kerry Orr, Wilmington, DE; Student


“It was such a profound and fun experience meeting you. I now feel centered and at peace, even with my fast pace work schedule. Thank you so much for all that you’ve given which is much much more than the Thai Massage Workshop. ”

- J. Bliss, Graybear, TN; Student



“When the time comes for me to have my own practice, i will strive to be as kind and grateful to my students and clients as you were to me. Thanks so very much.” - R. Vallejo, Santiago Chile


''Sunday was not only the high point of the Festival for me, I would have to say it was one of the high points of my entire massage career. I took a class in Thai on the Table from Mukti Michael Buck. It was the best hands-on class I have ever attended, and I have attended hundreds of hours of continuing education. Mukti is undoubtedly the most charismatic teacher on the planet. The bodywork was sensational. The whole class was in such a state of gratitude at the end of it, we were one big melting pot of thankfulness and grace. I would recommend it to anyone.''

- Laura Allen. National Representative and Key Note Speaker for World Massage Festival Hall of Fame.


“Our yoga and healing arts practitioners are upbeat and energized after every Vedic Conservatory workshop we host. We integrate the techniques and teachings from these workshops into everything we do at our studio, from private yoga and massage sessions to our studio classes, workshops, and trainings. The community is buzzing with excitement each time a VC workshop takes place. Thanks for renewing our excitement about yoga and the healing arts! Jai!”  

~ Charlene Gaffney - Studio owner, Memphis, TN


'Leah and David facilitated a Thai Yoga Massage workshop at my studio, 3Tree Yoga, last year, and I can't tell you how often I use the skills they provided. They are knowledgeable, clear, caring teachers, and I constantly recommend their teachings to yoga teachers or bodyworkers wanting to improve their hands-on skills. Thank you, Leah and David, for continuing to provide awesome courses in our community!

-Tiffany Denny; Student


"We brought Mukti and his Vedic approach to massage therapy into our Borgata Spa here in Atlantic City, NJ. He produced on his promise to inspire and to rejuvenate our staff of over forty. Thank you Mukti. You created a enlivened bee hive of inspire artists here."

-Borgata Spa. Atlantic City, NJ; Student


''I originally took this workshop about two years ago as a gift to myself for graduating yoga training. I had no idea what a gift it would be. David and Leah are caring and amazing teachers. Their passion for what they do keep me coming back as much as I possibly can.''

-Kristen Vrabel; Student


''I had no idea what to expect in the Thai Massage Workshop because I had never seen it or experienced it before. Under the careful and knowledgeable guidance of David and Leah, we as a group learned this modality both by practicing and receiving it. The Thai massage literally changed my body. The different methods performed both by me and upon me changed the way my blood flows. I have always had difficulty throughout my life with limbs "falling asleep". To counteract this, I would do something aerobic like running which worked for a day or so. I could really feel changes during the massage. Afterwards, I noticed immediately how my blood circulation transformed. My hands were not "falling asleep" and neither was any other part of my body when they normally would! I could also feel a rise in my kundalini energy or chi. I work many different jobs and am ordinarily worn out by the middle of the week. My energy was so strong that not only did I make it through the week with energy, I was able to work on my own projects at home every night that week in addition to my normal crazy work day. David and Leah are very kind, sincere teachers. They are both very careful with the manner in which they teach this ancient method and also very attentive and instructive. I feel confident in the moves and that I am doing them correctly while keeping the person I am performing this method upon comfortable. And we had fun during every bit of it! This weekend changed me. I am on FIRE!''

-Summer Spillman; Student


''I enjoyed my first two day Vedic Thai Massage workshop so much that I signed up and took it again two months later.  David is a wonderful teacher.  His background as a yoga instructor comes across in his patient attitude with students. Through watching demos, giving, and receiving, I was able to absorb so much valuable information on the art of Thai massage.  I have continued taking the three hour monthly workshops he and his partner Leah have in their home, free of charge for those who have attended a two-day, and it's been a great continuing education practice, and always fun. The two-day workshops were life changing for me, and my clients reap the benefits of my training, which is most important of all for me.''

-Vanessa Cook; Student


''I took a Vedic Thai workshop from David and Leah and highly recommend it. There's something in the course for absolutely everyone! I felt the course was incredibly well prepared, David expertly maintained a perfect balance for participants between observing and practicing. This focus is what makes the class so approachable for both non-therapists like myself as well as licensed therapists like my wife. So whether you're a professional looking to add to your repertoire or a couple looking for new ways to spend quality time together, David and Leah's calm and expert guidance will provide the inspiration you are looking for. Best of all, the full body, hands-on nature of the Vedic Thai yoga massage makes it very fulfilling to provide. And it feels amazing!''

-David Robinson; Student


''I attended a phenomenal workshop Vedic Thai Yoga with the wonderful Mukti Michael Buck and a beautiful group last weekend. This amazing art works on so many levels(not just on the physical level but also an emotional level and even beyond that). Talking is not always required. We can transform through body work and yes our bodies are crying out for it. Who doesn't like a good old stretch? Of course it goes beyond a simple good old stretch but you get the idea. I love both to gift and receive body work and I'm so grateful to have found this art. If you're curious check out I'll definitely be signing up for more workshops.  Is there something you'd like to change or let go of? Is now the time?''

- Student


''Good News everyone, I took your advice and took massage seriously. Thanks to Tash Golden, I was led to a Vedic Thai Bodywork course, and now I'm certified! This is going to be the start of a long practice in pranic and physical healing! I would also like to thank my master of the art Mukti Michael Buck, a celebrated grandmaster and guru of the art, the Vedic tradition, and proud founder of the Vedic Conservatory in Del Rey. It is an honor to be his student. Jai to you!''  

~ Riko Chirito, Synergy Yoga Center; Student


''Experience Mukti from Vedic Conservatory he's a beautiful gentle soul teaching sage techniques and sharing the bliss of Ayurvedic bodywork.''  

~ Melissa Pellicci; Student


''Incredible happy to have master Mukti from Vedic Conservatory coming again! Dont miss this opportunity!''  

~ Student


"We brought Mukti and his Vedic approach to massage therapy into our Borgata Spa here in Atlantic City, NJ. He produced on his promise to inspire and to rejuvenate our staff of over forty. Thank you Mukti. You created a enlivened bee hive of inspire artists here."

Borgata Spa. Atlantic City, NJ; Student


''My introduction to Vedic Thai and to Mukti was quite unexpected, yet gracious. The invitation was nothing less than an initiation into the lineage of this beautiful ancient healing art by a master teacher. Mukti brings a clear vision and purpose to this work while creating an environment of community and a multidimensional exploration of transformation. Mukti embodies the essence of the work and its transmission. I am grateful for his guidance and compassion. If you are ready to liberate yourself and bring your work to a whole new level of possibility, I highly recommend Mukti and the path of Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork.''

- Zach in Wisconsin; Student


''Independent yoga instructor and wholistic practitioner , Miami, Florida Mukti is an inspirational teacher. His poise and excellence fills the room with a gentle peace. I've trained with a lot of body specialists and none have the connection, confidence, and comfort that Mukti effortlessly exudes. His courses are a unique and memorable experience. He teaches at multi levels; to the person with no experience, offering the appropriate guidance to for beginner, and he also teaches to the seasoned therapist, offering insight and experience of ancient techniques to broaden and deepen the practice of any practitioner. Mukti has a child like love and joy for the art of thai yoga and body work that radiates in his work and to his students honoring each one that is under his care and guidance.''

- Lisa Ralston; Student