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The Vedic Conservatory and its participants offer the contribution of Ayurvedic Thai-Yoga Bodywork as a community gift for all to benefit. Our education addresses the individual as a spirit-soul that is giving life to the body. Through the noble medical art of Traditional Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork, our intentions are to balance one’s vital emotions & physical energies and to actualize manifestation of an inspired, refreshed & compassion-filled, radiant, living entity.

150-Hour Certification Program for The VC Practitioners Certification Credential


The Vedic Conservatory 150-Hour Certification Credential and The VC instructor Certification Credential program attracts students with a wide variety of backgrounds. We see at this moment the Vedic Conservatory teachings becoming integrated into the best and the most established, powerful yoga centers, health resorts, massage schools, medical institutions, and psychiatric associations worldwide.


Our curriculum, both hands on practicum and theoretical, approaches the body/mind as a mandala, a sacred, geometric design. It views the presented person and spirit as a bio-electromagnetic  field known as shakti-prakriti. This energetic grid is also made up of energetic channels & spheres known as pranic sen lines and marmas. Students learn to apply flowing, penetrating and rhythmic compressions along with comfortable exotic stretch releases known as assisted asanas using the feet, knees, palms, elbows, forearms and fingers. Disciplined breath control known as pranayama compliment non sectarian and non religious meditation to enhance a treatments overall effectiveness. The positive results of these applications include balanced and harmonious symbiotic communication which integrates the body’s vital systems including mechanical-musculoskeletal, electrical-neural and chemical-glandular.

Requirements for The 150 hour  VC Practitioner Certification Credential at a Glance


Complete 150 hours of training with a VC certified instructor, including attendance to least one (1) seven day-intensive


Document at least 50 sessions using official VC intake forms.


Submit Application, Documented Sessions, & Application Fee of $108 to the Vedic Conservatory


Return TYPED Practitioner Certification Assessment [email for Assessment Document]

1. Course Requirements


Students desiring to obtain practitioner certification with the Vedic Conservatory School must complete at least 150 hours of training, which includes attendance to at least ONE (1) seven day intensive. Our current curriculum includes scheduled courses routinely taught throughout the U.S. & around the globe.


Two Day Courses - 16 credit hours

Three Day Courses - 24 credit hours

Four Day Courses - 32 credit hours

Five Day Courses - 40 credit hours

Seven Day Intensive Courses - 50 credit hours


There are many opportunities to attend classes with Mukti & his skilled team of professional instructors. View Schedule




2. Session Documentation Process


To become a Certified Vedic Conservatory Practitioner you will need to document & submit 50 sessions. Document the sessions you are completing using the official VC Intake & Session Note forms.


*Clients need to complete the Intake Form only once. Session Notes should be completed after every session. You will submit 50 completed Session Note forms along with any Intake Forms you have completed along with your application. Sample Notes are also available to aid you in the documentation process. You may begin documenting sessions after attending your first course with the Vedic Conservatory.


3. Application  


For each Vedic Conservatory course you have attended and in addition to some basic information, you will be asked to list the Course Name [Manual title], Instructor, Date, Location, & Credits received. This information can be found on the Certificate of Completion granted to you at the end of each course. Please be sure to include the information for the 7-Day course(s).  


Pay the one-time application fee of $108 online. 


Submit the completed application & 50 documented sessions by postal mail  to Stephany Fair 240 South Holmes Memphis, TN 38111


4. Practitioner Certification Assessment


Once your payment has been received & your application has been reviewed, you will receive via email the Practitioner Certification Assessment. You have one week from receipt of email to submit original answers to the assessment questions about the history, theory, & practice of Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork. Return the typed Practitioner Certification Assessment to

The Official VC Teacher Certification Credential Process


To acquire the highly prestigious VC Teacher Certification Credential here are the requirements:


*250 hours of attendance in any of The VC courses. [Official 250 Hour Certificate awarded] See VC Schedule page for available courses.


*Attendance in a minimum of three VC Seven Day Courses [or three VC Five Day Courses if VC Seven Day are not being offered].


*Submission of 100 sessions documented on official VC Intake forms. [See tabs]


*Attendance in an official 200 hour Yoga Teacher's Training [YTT] Program or attendance in an official 200 hour education of an equal program ex: Dr Vasant Lad's School, Acupuncture Education, Massage School etc. Speak with Mukti about special concessions ex: Astrology, Vastu, Numerology, Herbolgy.

Recommended Schools See VC Schedule [though not limited to.]


*Attendance in one VC Thailand Student Study Tour.


*Personal interview with Mukti