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7 DVDs  Set Includes :

• DVD 1 – Introduction: Get to Know Mukti, His philosphy, and important considerations of this Ancient Healing Art.

• DVD 2 – 1st Attitude – Supine: Learn the Opening Grounding Sequence and the Extended Opening Grounding Sequence that could be a stand alone session itself!

• DVD 3 – 1st Attitude – Supine: This Whole DVD covers the extensive work that can be applied to the legs and the hips, including marmas and nadis.

• DVD 4 – 1st Attitude – Supine: completing the comprehensive Supine attitude, this DVD covers asanas available for the Arms, Hands, Torso, Head, Neck, and Face.

• DVD 5 – 2nd & 3rd attitudes- Side lying and Seated: These delightful procedures that ensure your sessions are unique, diverse, and uplifting experience.

• DVD 6- 4th Attitude – Prone: The amount of healing that can be done on a person while they are prone is truly astounding. This entire DVD is devoted to developing technique on a client who is belly down.

• DVD 7 – Paradise Sequence: The Crown of this series! The Paradise Sequence is one of Mukti’s own Sequences. Comprised of asanas not found in the other DVD’s, this Paradise Sequence, shot on a beautiful South Florida beach, is an example of the perfect blend of Asanas and inspiration.


• BONUS! – Enclosed is a gift CD: “Savasana: The Highly-Cherished Art of Letting Go.” A beautiful meditation narrated by Mukti that can be use for yourself to share with your clients at the conclusion of their session.

Our  DVDs set was repackaged to 4 discs!!!!!

All together this indispensable set amounts to to over 7 hours of inspiring instruction and delightful education which you can watch and practice again and again. With over 220 asanas and illustrations of more than 40 different marmas, this classical set is the most comprehensive Instructional series on the ancient art of Nuad Borarn, Vedic Massage, Thai Yoga Bodywork.

Order and train with these DVDs and naturally feel a closeness to Mukti as he becomes your teacher of Vedic Thai Massage.

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