most comprehensive 



INTENSIVE COURSE   in  NOV 3-5,  2017


* AyurVedic assessments [Marma, Chakra and Nadi interpretation] for quality and  posturing.


* Sedation and Stimulation techniques for enhancement of personal tonification [emotional and physical].


* A variety of elegant and comfortable stretching and compression applications [Assisted Asanas] for increasing cardio-pulmonary and lymphatic circulation.


* AyurVedic anatomy and terminologies [Doshas, Koshas, Nadi, Marmani etc] for accurate location and familiarized identifications.


* Meditation [non sectarian and non religious] and influential breathing for personal empowerment and tranquil emotions.


* Long and short segmenting protocols for targeting imbalances.


* Confidence in spiritual touch and soulful intercourse.


* Motivating traditional details to elevate your practice to enlivening and exciting experience for yourself and the fortunate receiver

The Intensive Course provides you with more technical instruction, and more of an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate yourself as you receive bodywork, meditate, practice yoga and relaxation techniques, and enjoy the beautiful  in Yoga Fox, Delray Beach  sunny South Florida.





Tuition $400



BRING TWO FRIENDS/STUDENTS WITH YOU! Receive 20% tuition discount!


For 2017 ONLY :

7 day courses were changed to 5 day courses and 3 day courses.  7 DAY  Courses will resume for 2018


Sept 20-24

with Mukti and Aaron in

Palm Beach,FL

5 day Vedic Thai-Yoga Massage Training with Mukti and Aaronanda (30 CEU’s)


Vedic Thai-Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art that has its roots in India, Thailand, and Tibet.


A session involves rhythmic compressions along meridian lines, passive assisted stretching, conscious breathing, meditation, reflexology, and other beautiful techniques that incorporate the use of hands, feet, elbows, knees, and forearms, to efficiently manage the energy of the person giving a session.


A session’s objective is to remedy “stress” built up in the body and mind, re-enlivening energy pathways, releasing blockages, allowing prana/chi to flow freely.



Vedic Thai Yoga massage leaves both the receiver AND the giver feeling refreshed, revitalized and IN-SPIRED (in-spirit.)


* Learn how to effectively administer a complete 90 min-2 hour session of Vedic Thai Yoga Massage


* Learn MULTIPLE tools to add to your healing practice or yoga teaching


* Learn about the chakra system, energy/pranic body, and physical anatomy


TUITION: $550 early bird by Aug 20th and $650 at the door.


* $100 deposit required to reserve a space (optional to pay in full)


For questions or To register:


PLEASE CALL: Kyoung 561-797-1875